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September 17, 2019
Sam Dubal
4 - 6 p.m.
Moses Hall

This talk is not about crimes against humanity. Rather, it is an indictment of ‘humanity’, the concept that lies at the heart of human rights and humanitarian missions. Based on fieldwork in northern Uganda, I examine how 'humanity' conceptualizes the LRA as a set of problems rather than a set of possibilities, as inhuman enemies needing reform.

Center News

Biosecurity, Ebola, and Paperwork in Sierra Leone

“Conjuring Biosecurity in the Post‐Ebola Kissi Triangle: The Magic of Paperwork in a Frontier Clinic” is a new article in Medical Anthropology Quarterly by Raphael Frankfurter, a BCSM-affiliated grad student who is in the joint UCSF/UCB MD/PhD program. The article is based on research in a clinic in Sierra Leone and focuses on one nurse, whose “endless paperwork tasks seem to have transformed into a type of magical therapeutic practice.” 

Latinx Migrant Farmworker Well-being

“Bienestar—the well-being of Latinx farmworkers in a time of change” is a symposium/special issue in the journal Agriculture and Human Values, edited by Lisa Meierotto, Teresa Mares and Seth Holmes, Chair of ISSI’s Berkeley Center for Social Medicine. The editors co-authored the introduction to the special issue. Professor Holmes also has an article in the special issue: “Migrant farmworker injury: temporality, statistical representation, eventfulness.” 

Featured Books

by Ann Swidler & Susan Cotts Watkins (Princeton Press, 2017)

by Michelle Perro and Vincanne Adams (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2017)

by Vincanne Adams, Contributor(s): Adeola Oni-Orisan, Susan  L. Erikson, Molly Hales, Pierre Minn, Carolyn Smith-Morris, Marlee Tichenor, Walkover, Lily, Claire Wendland ­(Duke University Press, 2016)

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