Honoring the Life of Sam Dubal

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The Berkeley Center for Social Medicine mourns the loss of Sam Dubal, MD, PhD, a medical anthropologist and an affiliate of BCSM for many years, first as a student, when he was a co-founder of the group that became the Structural Competency Working Group, and later as a postdoctoral scholar. He was a beloved member of the BCSM community.

In October of 2020, shortly after Sam began his new position as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington, he died in a hiking accident in Mt. Rainier National Park at the age of 33.

As a medical anthropologist, he is well-known for his essay "Renouncing Paul Farmer: A Desperate Plea for Radical Political Medicine," and for his book Against Humanity: Lessons from the Lord’s Resistance Army. Below is a video of the talk that he gave at BCSM based on his book. He co-authored "Beyond border health: Infrastructural violence and the health of border abolition," an article in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

Sam was dedicated to his family and friends and passionate about soccer and gardening. His family is establishing fellowships at UC Berkeley and at U Washington to honor Sam and to support the training of individuals and projects that advance a collective mission toward an ethical world. Donations may be made here.





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