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by Vincanne Adams, Contributor(s): Adeola Oni-Orisan, Susan  L. Erikson, Molly Hales, Pierre Minn, Carolyn Smith-Morris, Marlee Tichenor, Walkover, Lily, Claire Wendland ­(Duke University Press, 2016)

book cover

Edited by Shari Dworkin, Monica Gandhi, and Paige Passano (University of California Press 2016)

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Charles L. Briggs and Clara Mantini-Briggs (Duke University Press, 2016)

by Seth Holmes (Abya Yala, 2016)

by Charles L. Briggs, Norbelys Gómez, Tirso Gómez, Clara Mantini-Briggs, Conrado Moraleda Izco, and Enrique Moraleda Izco (Lugar Editorial, 2015)

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by Kelly Ray Knight (Duke University Press, 2015)

Edited by Javier Auyero, Philippe Bourgois, and Nancy Scheper-Hughes (Oxford University Press, 2015)

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Claire Snell-Rood (University of California Press, 2015)

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Thomas W. Laqueur (Princeton University Press, 2015)


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