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Toxic Tides Report

Rachel Morello-Frosch, faculty affliate of ISSI's Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, produced a policy-oriented report and website showing that over 400 industrial facilities and contaminated sites in California face an increased risk of flooding due to rising sea levels. This flooding could potentially lead to contamination releases into nearby communities.

School COVID Mandates

Elena Conis, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, was interviewed in this NPR story, aired on All Things Considered, about the history of school vaccine mandates. Conis discusses how this history can be used to predict the fate of school COVID vaccine rules.

Physician Advocate Adeola Oni-Orisan

Physicians for Reproductive Health profiled Adeola Oni-Orisan, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Berkeley Center for Social Medicine. Continously inspired by her marginalized patients, Oni-Orisan is a physician advocate working to combat anti-Black racism in reproductive health care.

Transnational Indigenous Identities

First Time Home, a participatory ethnographic film, is an official selection of the Portland Film Festival. Produced by Seth Holmes, Co-Chair of ISSI's Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, First Time Home premiered at the Portland Film Festival and will be playing till November 8th. Virtual screening options are available. The film is made by four teenagers about their trip from their Indigenous Triqui immigrant community in California to their ancestral village in Mexico for the first time.

BCSM Hellman Fellows 2021

Two faculty affiliates of BCSM have been honored as Hellman Fellows: Mark Fleming and Sarah E. Vaughn. The Society of Hellman Fellows is an endowed program at all ten University of California campuses that provides research funding to promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their chosen fields. Mark Fleming will investigate how the increasing integration of health care, social services, and criminal justice sectors is generating a new form of poverty governance in California, and Sarah E. Vaughn will examine how climate change is giving way to a new aesthetics of capitalism.

The Hidden Agenda in GOP Attacks on Critical Race Theory

In this Berkeley News interview, Khiara Bridges, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Ethnographic Research and Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, discusses how right-wing media have promoted a distorted version of critical race theory in order to undermine increasing awareness of systemic racism. The right attacks critical race theory to draw attention away from the detrimental impacts of systemic racism, "but part of the point of these attacks is to neutralize and delegtimize powerful critiques of American life."

Unlearning: Rethinking Poetics, Pandemics, and the Politics of Knowledge

Charles Briggs, Co-Chair of ISSI's Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, published a new book. In Unlearning: Rethinking Poetics, Pandemics, and the Politics of Knowledge, Briggs analyzes and challenges the ways scholars can disrupt existing social and discourse theories across disciplines by transforming objects of analysis into sources of creativity, engagement, and social activism.


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